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“Angel of Guidance” has an amazing gift!  A gift, a blessing from God from which "we" benefit!  It is by no coincidence that Sam was put into our lives to bring us closer to Him.

I met “Angel of Guidance” nearly 10 years ago though a mutual friend.  I was told of her "physic gift". This "gift" to me was highly suspect.  Although our first meeting was unplanned, it was obvious we had a connection that went way beyond "us". 

Our unplanned meeting evolved into a friendship.  “Angel of Guidance” has opened my eyes to another "world".  We are not alone, we are guided in our everyday lives by those who love us and who will always love us.

Starting as a skeptic and through continued validation, I can personally tell you that “Angel of Guidance’s”  gift has positively transformed  my life.

Sheila  - Ft Lauderdale, FL


I have known Angel of Guidance for 35 years, having gone to her for a reading at the time.

She was very clear in what she relayed to me regarding many issues. I'm grateful she told me to get in touch with my stepson. He was hard to locate, but finally on Saturday before Easter in l973 I was able to reach him & we had a dear conversation. I treasure that brief time with him on the phone. On Monday after Easter 1973 he was killed in an automobile accident. Twenty-four months earlier his young brother had been killed in an industrial accident. These two deaths stunned us all.

The Angel of Guidance remained my dearest friend over the years, coming to my rescue so many times, and her gifts are truly genuine and heartfelt. To relate all her kindnesses to me would overwhelm others, but I'm so grateful for her presence in my life. Anyone consulting her for a reading will be blessed beyond measure.

Sunnie Ford, Colorado Springs, CO


My first contact with the Angel of Guidance was in 2006.  She was so right on with everything she said about me that I referred my mother to her.  The Angel of Guidance helped my mother feel better about her mother in-law, my grandmother, who had caused a lot of grief and turmoil in my parents marriage.  After my mother had her reading with the Angel of Guidance she seemed be more at peace.  My mother and I have talked many times about how accurate and in tune with Spirit the Angel of Guidance has been with our readings.  My mother and I have been very pleased with our experience and have referred several of our friends.

John D'Amanda, Dallas, TX


My first reading from Angel of Guidance happened several years ago and started me on an amazing journey of spiritual development. During the reading, I was told that I would be 'writing' volumes with Archangel Michael. Although I had read many metaphysical books, I never considered it would be possible for me to communicate with spirit. I am grateful to Angel of Guidance for helping me to open to my gifts. In addition to automatic writing that I do with the Masters, I am now a medium, healer and metaphysical educator.

Angel of Guidance readings for me, my family and friends have helped us understand relationship issues and past-life connections. Angel of Guidance is a very gifted and accurate medium.

-Winnie D.


I have known “Angel of Guidance” for at least ten years. No matter what the situation, she has the problem pin pointed “right on.” I remember about a year ago, she told me I was going to be a mother once again, without giving birth. I thought she was really off on that one, because I was already a mother of four children. Sure enough, within a month, a young neighbor boy sought me out for teenage guidance. His mother had passed on eight months previous and his home was in turmoil. This is only one such prediction Angel was absolutely correct about.

I know “Spirit” watches over me, but having guidance from my grandmother, who has passed away, is an awesome experience. Angel of Guidance has helped me find the Spiritual side of life.

Sonya H., Plantation, FL


My experience with “Angel Of Guidance” has always been enlightening and profound. I was devastated Last Christmas my dear Labrador retriever died. When I had a reading with Angel, he came through with wonderful peaceful news. I know he was just a dog, but he was like a child to me. Even after the reading I felt very sad, and he said “it’s ok, I know you are sad but you will believe me after you get the money that’s coming to you.” I had no idea what he was talking about, but two weeks after the New Year, I received a sizable sum of money as an accommodation from my workplace. He was right, I ultimately understood the peace he was talking about. It was amazing how Angel of Guidance was able to make the connection for me. She picked up all his funny characteristics. I would recommend anyone with similar concerns to talk to their angels.

Dan G., Arvada, CO



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