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It gives me great pleasure to speak to you at this time. This is a brief overview of my life experiences as I discovered my gift of intuitive abilities.

As a young girl, I was raised as an only child, since my brother was nearly twelve years my senior, and left home early to join the military. Both of my parents worked, so I was an early “latch key” kid.

I loved the outdoors and would wander through the woods, always seeking the highest hill to sit upon just to gaze on Mother Nature’s glory. Maybe it was prayer, or early stages of meditation, but whatever it was, I just knew there was a much larger sense of LIFE than we could see or touch. I became aware of something very beautiful that brought me an unexplained sense of peace and contentment. Simply stated, I had a strong awareness of “God.” Overwhelming to me was a sense of Spirituality and Oneness with Creation itself. Throughout my adolescence, I attended church, always asking difficult questions of the clergy, and all the while having many different psychic experiences.

When I was in my early twenties, I went to my Aunt’s funeral. That wasn’t my first funeral, but it was my first real psychic or paranormal experience. My uncle was standing at the end of my Aunt’s casket as I approached to extend my regrets. He stated that he felt as though she was still alive. At the same moment, I could see my Aunt standing behind my uncle with a smile on her face and extending her hand to his shoulder. I turned to look at the casket and saw her body form lying at peace. Feeling confused, I turned toward my uncle only to see my Aunt’s Spirit still standing behind him. I may have turned as white as my dear Aunt, but I was so excited to see her very much alive. I could only stammer at first and finally told him that I was sure her “Spirit” would always be around him. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Obviously, I have had countless similar experiences, one more enlightening than the previous.

I knew then that life does not stop when we pass on, it just changes form. It’s like boiling water that disappears into steam, only to be absorbed by the atmosphere. Now I see the human body as a temple the spirit resides in as we travel though our earthly experience. It seems more like a winter coat and once spring comes, we hang it up and don’t even think of it until winter comes again.

By my early thirties, I trained in the “Spiritualist Church,” A Christian church much as any Christian Church, with the exception of believing in “the continuation of life after death.” Over the years, my beliefs have grown into a life mission. After a disabling accident, my time has opened so I can share my gifts with mankind. I know there are people who are confused, sad, alone, and desperate for enlightenment. My mission is to connect people with their Angels and loved ones, who stand as close to them as my Aunt did to my uncle.

With more than forty years of experience, I have developed intuitive gifts with great accuracy. I don’t use crystal balls, cards or any props. I was told by “Spirit” to say a prayer and ALL TRUTH would come through. When I make an appointment with a client, I encourage them to write their questions before we meet by phone. As I read for different individuals, I use their name in prayer, each time not knowing what information will come forth. It usually takes only a few minutes to “fine tune” the channel before “Spirit” starts expounding information. What continues to astonish me, even after years of doing this; somehow, someway, every question is answered within the hour without the client ever having to ask any of the questions. Time after time I ask if there are more questions, and time after time the reply is the same, “Spirit has answered everything I wanted to ask.”

I really don’t know why I have been given this gift, other than one simple statement I made one Sunday morning while watching another Medium working in the church. I said out loud “I wish I could help other people like she does.”  Maybe it is as simple as that.

The Holy Bible speaks of angels bringing messages from God. Many people can communicate with their angels, most of us are not aware of these non visual entities. That is where my “gift’s” come in. Because of my ability, I can relate these messages from your angel guides and loved ones who have gone on to the “after-life.”

Being an intuitive, I am driven by high spirit source to bring messages so I am called an angel medium, spirit intuitive, psychic and probably numerous other labels. The truth of the matter is our world seems lost and tittering on disaster. Many of our lives are impacted by the economy and daily stresses affect our individual lives. It is easy to get caught up with nothing but questions on our minds. Understanding we all have angels assigned to us at birth, and before, waiting to counsel and direct us every moment of our lives can be comforting and reassuring.

It would be my privilege to talk with you about your concerns. Just click on the Appointment Button at this time to begin a life of peace, love, clarity and joy. Please email me at samantha@angelofguidance.com for more information.


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