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Most everyone has heard of angels, in fact, maybe someone has called you and “Angel.” If you have ever called someone else and “angel” you have an awareness of how precious this person acted towards you. Now compound that emotion one hundred thousand times and you may be able to understand what an amazing experience Our Guardian Angels are.

After more than forty years of experience as a Spirit Intuitive, or Psychic, I have mastered a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient Mediumship. You may have questions about:

  • Health
  • Income
  • Relationships
  • Almost anything

These and other questions have answers.

Spirit, comes forth with awareness and guidance for every situation.

Nearly every religion recognizes Angels, which is amazing to me. For hundreds of years many religions actually fought with one another over their differences, yet most every religion had one thing in common. Angels in this age are accepted more every day. Their mission has always been synonymous with a personal guide and protector. You may or may not be aware of “your angels”, depending upon your own spiritual development, this does not necessarily mean religious. If you are a believer in a “higher power”, you have and open door to your “spirit guides.”

We all have angels. Are you in touch with yours? My mission in life is to help others with their concerns with the ability of contacting Spirit to receive their advice.

I Am


The presence picture was actually “channeled” by Guy Ballard and recorded on November 16, 1936. He states he and his wife received the image through the Master Saint Germain. The picture represents us individually and the “God Force” which is open to all of us. Becoming aware of the positive forces in our life begins our journey and individual oneness to our creator.

This picture and its meaning strikes truth within my spirit. For further information “google” The Magic I Am Presence. There are numerous references to the picture which will give lots of information which will interest you.

If you are interested in meeting with the Angels that guide you every day, or speaking once more to someone very special, or a pet that has passed on from this lifetime, I can promise you an experience like no other.

“Angel of Guidance” is not affiliated with other psychics or initiatives, so it is imperative we set an appointment for our time together. Just click on the “APPOINTMENT BUTTON” so we can make contact with Your Angels. Please email me at samantha@angelofguidance.com for more information.

Now is your unique opportunity to be in touch with and be aware of Your Angels of Guidance.

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